Traveler Finds a way to get Around luggage Fees

With this simple but brilliant hack, the frequent flyer escaped all those annoying extra luggage fees.

Traveller comes up with genius way to get around airline’s luggage rules

A savvy traveler has found a way to bypass airlines’ strict rules on hand luggage with a brilliant hack.

Lee Cimino, 30, from Staffordshire in the United Kingdom, came up with the genius plan ahead of his weekend trip to Belfast last weekend.

Mr Cimino’s trip came just days after Ryanair brought in unpopular new hand luggage restrictions, which sees passengers charged $10.90 to $14.50 to take a bag into the cabin, and up to $18 to put it in the hold, The Sun reports.

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Off to the tailor he goes …

So he decided to take an old coat to a tailor to see if they could add enough storage to fit a carry-on suitcase worth of belongings.

“I fly with Ryanair all over, so I’m clued up when it comes to their bag rules,” Mr Cimino told Sun Online Travel.

“It’s not breaking any rules to try and take all of your luggage in your clothes, so I took an old coat out of my cupboard and took it to (a tailor) to see what they could do for around £25 to £30 ($AU45.30 to $AU54.40).

travel hackForget the bag, all you need is a good coat. Image: The Sun / Lee Cimino 

“I wasn’t trying to pack the most I could in — it was just the amount that I needed for the overnight stay.

“So I had pair of trainers, a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, a jumper, a towel, a pair of boxers, some socks and my liquids — the whole contents of my roll-on bag.

“The coat fitted comfortably with all of the stuff in it and I even wore it around Belfast until we got to our accommodation.”

It is just all too easy

Mr Cimino said the trip through the airport was seamless and no one batted an eyelid.

“It was very comfortable, not even noticeable — no one commented as I was getting on the plane, and going through airport security wasn’t hard either, I just took it off and put it in the tray,” he said.

“There was no scene created because we weren’t trying to make a scene, we just wanted to do it in a discreet manner to see if we could and to prove that you could get on to the plane still carrying what you needed.”

travel hackWorth the bulk. Image: The Sun / Lee Cimino 

Mr Cimino has form for dodging Ryanair’s luggage charges, as he already gets around their pricey baggage charges when taking a ski holiday each year with friends.

“When I go snowboarding I have to pay for a snowboard bag on the plane, so I always put all of my clothes in too instead of paying for an extra suitcase,” he said.

“I’d rather go on lots of holidays than spend a lot on one.”

Mr Cimino said he was going on a ski trip in January and would use his clever coat again.

“Ryanair said that the point of charging is to speed up boarding, well obviously I was hot-footed this time,” he said.

travel hackSuch a clever idea. Image: The Sun / Lee Cimino 

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced in kidspot