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[unload_about_company_output about=”on” aboutpage=”1942″ imgage=”1790″ title=”ABOUT BAGIJ SERVICES” subtitle=”THE EASY WAY TO TRAVEL” desc=”Everyone who has traveled knows that the most time-consuming tasks are related to luggage. Packing luggage, loading luggage into the car, bringing luggage into the airport, waiting in baggage check lines, waiting for luggage in baggage claim, dragging luggage to the rental car center, babysitting luggage while waiting for your accommodation to become available and so on.
BAGIJ makes travel easy because we have services to handle every single luggage related task. We even have a service that will collect your clothing, wash and return them.” funt1=”HAPPY CUSTOMERS” funicon1=”fa fa-bus” funnub1=”2257″ funt2=”LUGGAGE MOVED” funicon2=”fa fa-building” funnub2=”6919″ btn=”About Unload”]
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